Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ten Minute Daily Workout

Here is a great workout that only takes ten minutes that you can do every day. Cycle between the following exercises as quickly as possible to keep up your heart rate and minimize the time it takes to do the workout. You can do this any time, as long as you have a chair and an open floor space.

Here it is:

Start with the bigger muscles, to minimize their use when you are working out your smaller muscles. 
  •  30 "Under Chair" pull ups (lay under the chair, grab the seat with your legs extended, and pull up) 

  • 30 Push-ups with side planks (push up, then move into a side plank, alternating sides

  • 40 Dips (hands on the edge of the chair, feet out, dip down till arms are at a right angle)

This kid has the right idea
  • 40 Chair Curls (grip the back of the chair and curl normally) You can grip the chair in whatever way is most comfortable. There is no picture because it is fairly self explanatory.

  • Finish this workout up with 3 minutes of plank and one minute of side planks

Tomorrow we will work more on your deltoids (shoulder muscles) and abdominal muscles as well as external obliques. 

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