Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 Minute Daily Workout

We are going to pick up right where we left off last time. As always, move through these fast to minimize time and keep up heart rate. We are going to work our abs, deltoids, obliques, and back muscles today. And as always, this workout is only going to take you ten minutes!

You are going to need two weights or heavy objects (10-20 pounds) and an open space.

Lets start with our abs right were we ended last time.

  • 50 leg lifts- lay on your back and lift your legs into the air, about 6 inches and lower nearly all the way down slowly. 

  • 50 bicycles- lay on your back and crunch up while bringing your legs towards your face, kick each out back and forth

  • 2 Minutes front plank, 45 seconds each side plank 

  • 3 by thirty second supermans with ten seconds break between each (on stomach, raise arms and legs in the air so you look like superman) 

  • 30 Arnold Presses (hold weights next to shoulders and press upwards)

That should do it folks. By tomorrow, your upper body and core should be aching, so we will focus on your legs for the next day or two while you recover. 

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